I'm Jacqueline Kincer.

My superpower is turning holistic practitioners into powerful marketers so they can make a meaningful impact and love doing it!

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I started out just like you.

I thought going to school, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a job meant I'd automatically be successful in life. WRONG.

I learned how to follow rules, conform, not speak up, and pay attention to all the things that didn't truly matter.

I ended up in financial ruin, jobless, hating myself, skill-less, and embarrassed.

It wasn't until I created something that had never been created for that I started truly living my life, and living it with purpose.

The first thing I created was my son (well, my husband helped!). Becoming a mother meant a lot was on the line--I had to figure it out to not only keep this tiny human alive, but to help him grow into an amazing person.

The second thing I created was my own business. It wasn't all rainbows and unicorns from the start, but I ended up creating a thriving 6-figure practice in a very short period of time.

How did I do that?

I created a business, brand, and service that was unmatched anywhere else. And now I'm teaching others how to do the same.


Are you tired of the struggle, the inconsistency, the lack of results despite doing all the things?

Are you drowning with so many things on your to-do list that you can't come up for air long enough to actually grow your business?

Are you spinning your wheels with technology, marketing, systems, and social media and frustrated with a lack of direction or clarity?

Do you spend so much time learning about business and marketing through course hoarding, reading biz book after biz book, or binging on podcasts that you procrastinate actually doing the work to grow your business?

Are you stuck in fear, overwhelm, self-judgement, or scarcity that holds you back from breaking through to your dream success?

Are you completely stumped about what you should be doing next?

Or, do you want to dive headfirst into the business onwership with a strategy for success?

I've got you! I've spent the last six years learning the things, taking the courses, making the mistakes, and creating the mindset shifts needed for success in this world.

Apply below to work with me for a half day intensive or a 90-minute success session--diving into your business, formulating a plan, and developing a strategy that aligns with your values and interests, minimizes your time spent in the hustle and overwhelm, and maximizes your income.

"I doubled my income in one month with one of Jacqueline's suggestions. Hands down the best way to spend your money to grow your practice!!"

Melanie Henstrom, IBCLC
Owner, Baby Bonds

"Six months ago I was ready to step away because running a business was killing my passion. But not today! Finally having someone break everything down for you is worth all it's weight in gold. Since February I have daily been changing my mindset, working through videos, handouts, and growing. Thank you Jacqueline Kincer for creating the Practice Success Collective. I've changed my outlook emotionally, I have a message, vision, and goals. I have had a constant increase in client flow!! "

Rachel Blumberg, IBCLC
Owner, Riverside Lactation


Are you ready to build a six figure practice?

Find out more about my business coaching program for healthcare providers that has doubled, and even 4Xed their practice revenue.


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