I'm Jacqueline Kincer.

I’m a business strategist, author, coach, speaker, and lactation consultant. I'm passionate about helping online business + practice owners serve their purpose, transform the lives of their client, and build a profitable businesses - without having hitting a ceiling to their growth.

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I started out just like you.

I started my practice out of pure passion. I wanted to help other patients who didn’t have the support I needed when challenges arose in my life. I hustled and worked hard for 2 years, fulfilling my clinical hours, taking courses, studying and providing pro-bono support.

When my second child was just 4 weeks old, I sat for my board exam and opened my practice a short 3 months later. As a newbie (and new mom), I was afraid to charge what I was really worth. I had little time for networking, and no startup capital. I was getting things started, but 5 months into practicing, all my business dried up for TWO WHOLE MONTHS.


I took that time to figure out what was working and what was hurting my practice. I had to change the way I was doing everything. Even once I got busy again, I had patients contacting me at all hours of the day and night, expecting free help after their initial appointment, and not wanting to pay my full fee.

I still struggled until I found a way to eliminate these problems in my practice. I put systems and processes into place to prevent no-shows, last minute cancellations, increase patient retention and referrals. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I also completely shifted my mindset and who I was being in my business. I showed up in an entirely new way and quickly grew my practice to 5 figures a month. Since then, I’ve continued to grow my practice, and I’ve helped many other holistic healthcare practitioners grow to 5 and 6 figures a month using my strategies.

Now I have a practice that not only serves my patients and gets them the outcome they so desperately wanted, but it allows me to support my family and live the life I always dreamed of.


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"I doubled my income in one month with one of Jacqueline's suggestions. Hands down the best way to spend your money to grow your practice!!"

Melanie Henstrom, IBCLC
Owner, Baby Bonds

"Six months ago I was ready to step away because running a business was killing my passion. But not today! Finally having someone break everything down for you is worth all it's weight in gold. Since February I have daily been changing my mindset, working through videos, handouts, and growing. Thank you Jacqueline Kincer for creating the Practice Success Collective. I've changed my outlook emotionally, I have a message, vision, and goals. I have had a constant increase in client flow!! "

Rachel Blumberg, IBCLC
Owner, Riverside Lactation


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