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We've all been there... a desperate mom calls you, in horrible pain, unsure of whether or not her baby is getting enough milk when breastfeeding. She needs your help, but she can't afford to pay your fee.

At this point you have two choices: turn her away or offer discounted (or pro bono) services.

But what if you had another choice? What if you could help her AND get paid?

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I'm giving you the exact same training I've given to billing companies to get lactation care covered for their clients, and now I'm teaching you how to do it yourself!



You can learn how to bill insurance for your appointments, EVEN IF you're unlicensed, not in-network, and you've never billed insurance companies before!

Last year I met a retired IBCLC. She closed down her practice after 10 years because it wasn't financially worth it to keep going.


It breaks my heart to hear of IBCLCs leaving the field because they aren't seeing enough clients and making enough money.

I've been teaching IBCLCs and billers how to do lactation billing for the past few years. Now I’m making this available to you because this is too important not to share with more people. 

Let's end this cycle of not making enough money and families not getting the care they need.

I'm giving you the how-to guides that make it easy to learn this yourself, or hand it over to any assistant or biller you hire so they can learn the ins-and-outs of lactation billing and do it for you.

Set It Up

I teach you everything you need to know to make sure your practice is set up for billing. From getting to credentialed to how to document + chart, I've got you covered!

Bill for Every Appointment

It doesn't matter if you're in-network out out-of-network, you can be getting paid from insurance companies for the care you provide! Wanna learn how to get in-network? I teach you that too!

Problems Solved

Learn what codes work and when, how to correct or appeal claims, what to do when it all doesn't go as planned and so much more!

Are you confused about 99401 and S9443 and Z39.1 and it sounds like a totally different language?

In Lactation Billing A to Z, I break all that mumbo-jumbo down for you in bite-sized pieces.

You'll learn:

  • The #1 mistake IBCLCs are making when billing insurance
  • How to get paid even if you can't get in-network
  • How to 5X your revenue and patient flow without spending more money marketing
  • What to do when insurance companies won't pay


Module 1

This module is your course intro, getting you familiar with the biling process and fancy insurance jargon!

Module 2

Perhaps the most important step! You need to have certain things in place to submit claims and to get paid. This section also shows you how to apply to become an in-network provider with ANY insurance company.

Module 3

This is the most in-depth module covering how to properly chart and code your claims. This is perfect for those wondering what should be charted for both parent and baby. Even if you never bill insurance, this module will set you up for excellent lactation charting!

Module 4

Now we get into the actual work of coding and submitting the claim. I hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through filling out an electronic claim form and submitting it so you'll be secure knowing you've done it correctly.

Module 5

Submitting claims isn't a guarantee of payment. This module is essential to learn what to do when a claim has an error or an insurer isn't paying you. This is the missing piece for most IBCLCs, and once you master this you'll understand why billing insurance is actually profitable to your practice.


ChARM is one of the least expensive lactation-friendly EHRs on the market. And I'm giving you my step-by-step guide with screenshots and everything on how to submit claims directly from ChARM!

Get the Book

This is a comprehensive textbook that is your written guide to all things lactation billing, including handy charts of codes and how-tos. This is the ultimate manual of everything you need to know to be a self-starter with billing insurance for lactation visits.

You can also purchase the book on its own without the course, but you'll be missing out on the walkthrough tutorials and support in the private students-only Facebook group.

Book comes in both ePub and PDF formats.


Whichever option you choose, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the content so you can get started right away! Choose the option you want below:




Lactation Billing A to Z book

Lactation Billing A to Z full course with video modules, documents, and more!

Private Facebook group access to get support with any of the course content

BONUS step-by-step process of how to bill using ChARM EHR





Lactation Billing A to Z book


You can literally make back your investment in this course (and more) in billing JUST ONE appointment

Did you know that insurance companies can pay as much as $350+ for a SINGLE lactation consult?

Investing in this one course, which you never lose access to, can dramatically increase your revenue--not just per appointment, but in also making it a no-brainer for your clients to see you more than once. 

What You'll Learn

You probably didn't know that there are some requirements your practice has to meet before you're eligible to bill insurance! I've seen so many practitioners (even non-IBCLCs) miss some vital steps and that's why their claims never get paid!

You don't have to be in-network to bill insurance, but everyone acts like you do! In fact, billing out-of-network might be far more lucrative and beneficial to your clients.

Wanna get contracted and have insurance companies sending clients your way? Let me show you how! I give you the roadmap to follow to get as many contracts as possible.

In the world of insurance billing, if you didn't document it, you didn't do it. Charting is CRITICAL to getting paid and unless you know they key phrases and number of items you need to include in each chart section, you might be forced to pay back a claim. Don't risk making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money.

Luckily for lactation billing, we have a small subset of codes we use. But getting these codes right the first time is essential to getting paid.

Submitting and tracking your claims is VITAL and if you don't know how to submit claims and what to track, it could take you months to get paid.

Sometimes things don't always go according to plan, even though the Affordable Care Act was passed years ago. Learn how to swiftly take care or problem claims and get paid.


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