A Day In the Life of a Successful Practitioner

growing your practice Feb 08, 2019

I get this question ALL the time! "Jacqueline, what's a typical day like for you?" And I'd love to share my timeline with you. You are more than welcome to copy this schedule for yourself, but just know that everyone is different and this is what works for me and you are totally allowed to change this and make it fit your own life!

It's actually not so easy to tell you what a typical day is like for me because each day of the week has a different flow. 

Here's what I mean:

I follow a calendar that follows the moon. So each day of the week represents a different flow and energy. As you can see, Mondays are not a crazy busy day or work for me. I use this day to create content, reach out to new contacts (referral sources, networking, etc.), more content creation and respond to emails. I will schedule client appointments during that afternoon open creation time, but if I have breaks or no appointments that day, I use that time to create content. 

Then Tuesdays are really more of a day of responding to people and seeing clients. Email triage isn't just email time though--it could be phone calls, responding to social media comments and messages, coordinating things with my assistant, and more. 

Wednesdays are when I publish content like blog posts and that open creation time in the late morning is available to client appointments as well.

Thursdays are spent doing marketing in the morning. This could be going around to physical practice locations to market, it could be reaching out to podcast hosts, soliciting to speak at conferences, or anything else that will count as advertising of some sort. 

Fridays are spend seeing clients and meeting with referral sources. Then the "money date" in the afternoon is usually filled with seeing clients but I grab a 30 minute spot somewhere in that timeframe to run payroll, balance the books, review my budget and plan.

My weekends are spend with my family just soaking them in!!

So that's my current plan, and as you can see, it is pretty basic. I don't work evenings or weekends. I do have room to be flexible in this schedule as well. 

One question I get asked a lot is how much buffer time do I have between appointments. None. I see patients back-to-back and do my electronic charting during the appointments. If there's anything I didn't finish up during the appointments for charting or billing, I do that at the very end of the day.

Also not listed are a few other things! Friday afternoons, I take home all my pillow covers, blankets, etc. and do a sanitizing wash. I check my office inventory for anything that needs to be re-ordered. Monday mornings I meet with my assistant and make sure she's set with the plan for the week of what to do. 

I'd love to hear how you plan out your days and your weeks!! Head over to my Facebook group and share!


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