Biggest Business Lessons Learned from Being Sick

growing your practice Apr 16, 2019

I haven't been so sick as I've been over the last 3 weeks of my life. I'll spare you all the gory details, but it's been a journey. I used to HATE getting sick. Like vehemently *hate* it. And now I realize the reason I'd hate it was because I saw being sick as taking me away from what I was working on. But sometimes being sick is the biggest blessing ever.

If you know me at all, you know I'm pretty naturally minded. I almost always refuse to take medications, and I believe that the body can and does heal itself. But with this latest journey in illness, I learned to be more open minded. I learned to lighten the judgment I place on myself.

I took cough medicine so that I could sleep. I normally never take medications at all but I made a choice that I felt would benefit me. I slept for 2 entire days. Yes, I was literally only awake for about 4 hours out of 24. And I had things to get done. I've been working on my course that teaches people how to bill insurance for lactation. I started a new membership program for my Practice Success Collective alumni. Absolutely I had things I needed to get done, but there was no way my body was going to let me.

So I did what I needed to do--I surrendered. I decided to trust that this period of rest was non-negotiable and I embraced it. Instead of trying to work from bed, I kept my computer in another room and turned off my phone. I slept. I meditated. I allowed my body to heal. If I had chosen to do anything else, I would have interfered with my own healing.

And here's the lesson that I learned: we can't interfere with our own healing. Pushing through and working harder doesn't mean more success. To me, success means that I have the freedom to take two days off and to rest my body. Success doesn't mean I'm busier than ever. It means freedom. And I am so grateful.

There was a time in my life when the busier I was, the more successful I would feel. I used to think busyness=importance, that it somehow validated my worth as a professional. And at age 34, I'm just now figuring out that being busy is a failure. It's the worst thing we could do to ourselves, our clients, and our businesses.

This is why I teach how to to scale and how to grow a team. You aren't supposed to do all the heavy lifting yourself. A business isn't a party of one. A business is a team, a scalable product. Otherwise, you are just a practitioner, and not a practice owner. 

If you allow the busyness and hustle to take over, you are giving up your inner peace. You are allowing other people's priorities to rule your day, instead of working from a place of power and impact. Your inner peace is your personal power. When you maintain your personal power, you make the greatest impact, and work from the highest place of creativity. Busyness clouds our judgement. And if you don't slow down now, your body will find a way to make you slow down. Just like mine did!

What I'm not saying is to create less business for yourself. What I am saying is to create more business for yourself, but to be less busy doing it. What are some ways you can create leverage and freedom so you can balance work and lifestyle?


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