Why Planning Is Essential to Your Success and How to Do It

just starting out Apr 10, 2019

Are you like most entrepreneurs and you're very driven? That's how I am--I think of an idea and I move to immediately execute it.

But did you know that could be the biggest thing holding you back? Let me explain...

When you just go into "doing" mode without a plan, things crop up--mistakes, extra time spent doing things that wear you out before you finish, doing menial tasks that are not in your zone of excellence (because you think you can do it faster to better than someone else), and you haven't yet built the end product in mind.

Here's the deal: when you think of an amazing idea, by all means--write it down! Then start making an outline of it. This is your plan.

-What does the finished product look like, down to every detail?
-What are the steps that need to be accomplished in order to get there?
-What order of tasks makes the most sense for getting this project completed?
-What parts of the project can you hand off to someone else, automate, or get rid of altogether?
-What is the ...

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